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The Bliss Thai Spa, brings this very synthesis of healing traditions to India specializing in the Nuat Thai technique to help you indulge in some much-needed “me-time”, to shut off from external stimulation switch off and relax, recharge, detox.

The Bliss Thai Spa, was the first of its kind in North India, dedicated in providing quality service to a cross-section of clients and introducing thai spa culture in this part of the country.

Thailand, also known as the spa capital of Asia, has a rich history behind its spa culture. The founder of the Thai massage treatment is said to have been Shivago Komarpaj (Jivaka Komarabhacca), the Buddha's physician over 2,500 years ago. Drawing on its rich tradition of home-grown remedies and herbal knowledge, the country has tapped into these folk traditions to build a vibrant, modern spa industry. Other benefits include relief from ailments like asthma and migraines to sprains, bruises, and anxiety.

Relief from physical and emotional tension, ameliorated sleep, improved flexibility, a greater awareness of body and mind, and a release of blocked energy are also some of the benefits Bliss Thai Spa assures you.The Bliss Thai Spa deserves special mention for being the only spa chain in this region to hire trained therapists directly from Thailand so that the spa experience is as authentic as it can get.

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